Melissa May-Dunn

You are a church

MELISSA MAY is a writer, reformed preacher, and youth advocate from Norman, Oklahoma. Until recently, she was the Slam Master of the Red Dirt Poetry Slam in Oklahoma City, where she mentors young writers and yells poems on stage. She's been on a couple national final stages and she's won a few regional and local slams, but her real accolade is the fact that she is a fierce and dedicated lover of people. She believes nothing changes until hearts change, and then sets about changing hearts. She works overnights at a shelter where most of her poems get written, teaching kids to laugh at themselves and love the reflections they find in the mirror. She is a queer-identified-but-in-a-relationship-with-a-guy-because-god-is-funny-like-that, big hearted body empowerment and feminism activist who sleeps too little and makes jokes when she's uncomfortable. She just wants to show you little pieces of herself, oh - and love you.